Dr. Parikshit Gogate


MS (Ophth), gold medal
DNB (Ophth)
FRCS (Edin) (Ophth)
MSc (Community Eye Health)


1992 B.J. Medical (Pune University) 1st class
1997 Govt. Medical College, Miraj
1998 New Delhi
2001 Royal College of Surgeon, Edinburg.
distinction 2001 University College, London.

  • Phacoemulsification – Abbot Medical Optics Sovereign Compact System (Version 5.0) WhiteStar (USA)
  • Operating Microscope – Carl Zeiss OPMI 1 FR pro with XY coupling (Germany)
  • Slit lamp biomicoscope with CCTV (India):
  • Autorefractometer: Grand Seiko (Japan)
  • A-scan: Quantel Medical Axis II Pro (Italy)
  • Pachymeter – Quantel Medical Axis II Pro (Italy)
  • Chair units
  • Retinoscopes:
  • Gonioscopes
  • Ophthalmoscope
    • Direct Ophthalmoscope: (Heinz, Keeler)
    • Indirect Ophthalmoscope: (Heinz)
  • Tonometer
    • Applanation tonometer
    • Schiotz tonometer
    • Non-Contact Tonometer
    • I care contact tonometer handheld
  • Prism bars and orthoptic evaluation set
  • Lensometer
  • Contact Lens Trial set
    • RGP contact lens set
    • Soft contact lens set
  • Color vision test
  • Amsler Grid Chart Test
  • Pediatric vision testing equipment: Cardiff Chart Test
  • Pediatric vision testing equipment: HOTV Chart Test
  • Binocular vision assessment: The Fly Stereo Acuity Test with Lea Symbols
  • Pelli-Robson Contrast sensitivity testing chart
  • Ishihara color vision testing charts
  • Keratometer: Bausch & Lomb style
  • Trinetra fundus camera
  • Large double drum autoclave sterilizer
  • Autorefractometer with keratometer (Grand Seiko)
  • Aurochart LED & vision drum for Small kids
  • Hand held slit lamp