Bynocs software Vision therapy for amblyopia


Bynocs software Vision therapy for amblyopia

BYNOCS is a uniquely designed, comprehensive cloud based software for binocular vision assessment & therapy.

Diagnostic Modules:

Measurement of Heterophoria
Accommodation functions including amplitude of accommodation, negative relative accommodation, positive relative accommodation and accommodation facilities.
Measurement of amplitude of convergence and divergence.
W4DT for detection of suppression and diplopia.
Color Vision Tests: Ishihara chart and D15 color pellets with interpretation.
Vision Test: LogMAR vision chart for distance and near, Pelli Robson chart for contrast sensitivity.
Stereopsis Test: Measurement of distance and near stereo acuity using random dot stereograms.
Fixation Pattern: To check presence and extent of eccentric fixation for the management of strabismus and amblyopia.
Aniseikonia: Measurement of degree of aniseikonia for the management of anisometropia.
EOM Actions: Quantitative measurement of extra ocular muscle actions in the management of paralytic squint.



Asthenopia: Computer based orthoptic program designed to treat vergence (eye teaming) and accommodation (non refractive focusing) problems.
Amblyopia: Computer based games designed on the principle of dichoptic stimuli.
Learning Disabilities: Special program for improving focusing skills, visual concentration, tracking, reading speed, eye-to-hand co-ordination and visual memory